Our Services

Legal audit

We offer audit services related to legal audit under the requirements of Italian Civil Code (art. 2409 bis and art. 2477 C.C), also for consolidate financial statement, regulated by the applicable accounting principles.

Voluntary audit

We offer audit services for the financial statements and consolidate financial statement for the company not yet subject to legal audit, willing to have a confirmation of their annual accounts.

Audit on Group Reporting packages

We provide audit services on the financial statements prepared under the group accounting principles required by the client (IFRS, US GAAP, German GAAP etc.), and audit activity on the Reporting package under group consolidation purposes.

Other services

We also provide various audit services, which scope can be agreed with the client under Italian laws and regulations:

  • Audit and assistance for extraordinary corporate transactions (mergers and acquisitions, spin offs, liquidations etc.);

  • Due diligence and Data room;

  • Special assignments on specific balance sheet items (Agreed upon procedures);

  • Analysis and evaluation of internal control system and internal procedures;

  • Accounting and administrative assistance;

  • Fairness and compliance opinion;

  • Business and specific assets valuation and Impairment test;

  • IFRS transition;

  • Italian Agency Development Cooperation (AICS) projects certification;

  • Support activity to the Statutory Auditor;

  • Certification of Tax assets.